Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz = Windows 7

and Google Wave = Windows Vista.

But the final word is still to be said, since Buzz is still being released. However, the comparison can be made. Both Vista and Wave were great ideas in theory, huge upgrades from what was currently available. But they were both bloated overcoded messes with more problems than benefits for most of its users.

But they were both reletively quickly followed up by a much cleaner, much less overcoded version. Google went quicker, more along the lines of a Windows Milenium reaction speed, but the less we can speak of that mess, the better.

Google Buzz has potential to be a easy way to keep your contacts up on what you're doing all at once, but it's hardly your only option, even within Google itself. The advantage it has over Google Reader, is that you can share from a multitude of formats, not just rss. You can share Twitter, Picasa, and a bunch of other sites, those are just the most likely suspects at this point. There are even some enterprising ciders out there that have already created "buzz this" buttons, so be on the lookout for those to begin popping up.

Google Buzz has potential, I just hope it doesn't end up just another bothersome link on the left side menu of gmail.

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