Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've always been fascinated by advertising and marketing, and when I was younger, wanted to know how to be involved in them. I was able to go to school for marketing and obtain my bachelors degree from Central CT State University.

Being a technology dork, most people would think that internet marketing or next generation marketing would be my specialty. Its not, at least educationalwise. I do have an understanding of how that stuff works, but its all from self education...which I do believe is just as valuable as book learning. However, I'm more familiar with traditional avenues of marketing and advertising.

I'd have to say my favorite marketing campaign of all time is the Real Men of Genius radio advertisements. Every single one of them made me laugh, and the way they were put together was memorable and entertaining. I'm also a big fan of word of mouth and similar concepts, basically the kinds of things that evolved into viral marketing. For example, the early materials on Blair Witch Project, trying to convince people it was real, etc. For its time, that was genius.

I plan to post here as often as possible, but please follow my twitter account, it's linked on the right side, I should post bits and shorts there more often. Thanks for reading.

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