Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why'd you name it that?

What's in a name? Everything. But sometimes nothing.

Microsoft. Caesar's Palace. Escaping Mediocrity. Burger King. Staples.

Hear or see those names, you know what they are, you know their success, you know their quality. Imagine any of them with a different name. Would they be doing as well? Would they even be? What if Bill Gates was drunk one early day when microsoft was young, and he changed the name to something else....GatesCo for example.

Would that company be here today in the same position? Probably not. But maybe, it's possible that a product is good enough to overcome a bad name.

I've been thinking a lot about names. As things change at The Marketing Mark, the name could be one of them. Will that destroy what I have already built? I don't know. Will it propel me into new heights and beyond? I don't know.

Change is scary, isn't it. Hmmm...that sounds familiar...

How do you know when the fear is worth it?

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  1. After reading your post I was wondering if a name becomes a great name once the "thing" becomes a success.

  2. That's quite possible...there are brand names that are synonomous with a product - kleenex for instance, so that is possible, for sure.

    A good product with a bad name would more than likely outlast a bad product with a good name, since to some, its not the name, but the product itself that matters most.