Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sponsors Gone Wild??

No, it's not a variation on Girls Gone Wild...sorry about that.

I've written about my old jobs before, specifically the time I spent working for an ampitheatre where concerts are held. I worked for the head of advertising and corporate sales, and one of her jobs, and by proxy mine, was to come up with new and/or different places to utilize as advertising space. Among the things we did were sticker the garbage bins, wrap the fences, and even sticker the seat backs.

People would jump at the chance to have their name and logo in a different place that they hadn't thought of, or to sponsor sonething you wouldn't think they would, in order to get their name out there.

But in all my mind, I never would have come up with this one. The olympics have an official car, the NBA has an official drink...

...and the NCAA basketball tournament has an official LADDER. That's right, an official ladder. Genious or insanity? I say both. The name gets said every time espn talks about the tournament, which is about a million times a day. I'm sure when the winners are cutting down the nets, there will be a nice long logo shot, too.

I ask you, have they gone too far? When do you think that was? If you don't, what IS too far?


  1. I get the feeling this is another one of those "The Nascar of" sentiments - in any arena where advertising and sponsorship is so thoroughly overloaded, is it silly, or is it practical?

    I think it's nuts - but it does make an oddball kind of sense. In a game so focused on height, what else could be more practical representation?

    Too far has to be anything that requires a very awkward segue. Tall basketball players to ladders makes sense. Tall basketball players to lawn fertilizer would be a massive show of greed.

  2. Very good points, Ian...thank you. I agree that the segue must be fairly close by and not completely tangential to make the most sense, and not just be an obvious cash grab.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again sometime.