Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Chance To Market Myself

I have been given a relatively unique opportunity. Last Wednesday, I was laid off from the retail sales job I had held for nine months. Its unfortunate, and it sucks, but they laid off almost half of my coworkers instate as well, so its not like I was the only one, and it wasn't my fault.

So. The opportunity...I should probably get to that, because getting laid off sure isn't what I was talking about.

I need to find a new job. NEED. There is no other solution right now. The house needs some things done to it, I'm going to have a baby living with me come August, and there are bills to pay. Here I go again, getting away from myself. The opportunity.

I referenced it in the title to this post, I have a chance to market myself. I am my own marketing project, and the end result is not sales, or customer service, or PR, it's a big fat case of brand awareness.

But the question is, does my brand need to change? How much, if at all?

Update: The company that laid me off apparently kept my application for a promotion on file after I was laid off. I filed in the week before, and they're just now doing interviews for the position. Wish me luck.

UPDATE # 2 Had an interview on Monday that went really well. I was very happy with it, and was convinced I'd nailed it. They said they would call me Tuesday with their decision.

They didn't. So I freaked a little, but was ok.

They called this morning, instead. I'm back among the employed. With the same company that laid me off. In a corporate position. For more money. So I got a short vacation for a little less pay and I got to work on my yard and start prepping for baby's arrival. An interesting couple weeks for sure.


  1. SO they might bring you back?? How are you going to market yourself??

  2. That's what I don't know yet, I have to think about it. I definitely need to emphasize my previous experience with the company and its computer systems and so on. Confidence will be key, IMHO.

  3. That's terrific news Mark - both the freedom to do things differently AND the potential opportunity that may present so quickly!

    Think about capitalizing on your 'quirky' side ... maximize the fact that you sometimes see life differently than the masses - this is so valuable in Marketing.

    Don't discount your sense of humour - it's a powerful tool in collaborative relationships of any kind.

    And your compassion - your willingness to see something from another's vantage point, offering assistance or helpful information as a result is a skill set one can't really teach.

    I'll help any way I can, just ask! For assistance, my first tip will be: Don't let them know about that sinus-related SuperHero talent you do so well ~ it really won't help ...

  4. (forgot to wish you luck)... Good Luck!

    That is a good plan I think! You're right - confidence is a BIG key!

    And Sally's advice and thoughts are, as always, great! :)

  5. Thank you, Sally. You're right, they do not need to know of my superhuman talents from that side of things.

    Since I know the person doing my interview, it will be a lot easier for me to be able to show myself and what I really can do, because the new person nerves are not present.

  6. Mark,
    Great to see you over at Then Life Happens today. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors... Now's the time!
    Darren Sproat

  7. Thank you for stopping by, Darren - and you have Sally G to thank for my stopping by, she tweeted a few of your posts, and I finally commented on one.

  8. Whoa, what a roller coaster. Odd that they would fire you first... Glad you have a job, that's certainly a load off your shoulders. Good luck with the baby :)

    Dagmar's momsense

  9. Getting laid off first was just an unlucky coincidence, they closed my store - but being hired back is definitely a load off for sure. Thanks for stopping by!