Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free Advertising For Your Blog! Plug Away!

Alright, here it goes. Several of my friends have done posts that are specifically for their readers to share their blog, or a favorite blog that they read quite often. I have decided to do the same.

First, a non exclusive list of some of my most read blogs:

Shelly Kramer/V3im
Sarah Robinson/Escaping Mediocrity
Scott Stratten/UnMarketing
Random Shelly/I'm Not So Random
Julie Roads/Writing Roads
Social Media 101

I don't want to describe them, because the owners of the blog can do a much better job of it, and I do hope they decide to do so.

Now that you have a partial list of my favorites, lets see what you've got!!


  1. I love to read:
    Media Emerging by Scott Hepburn
    The Fast Growth by Doug Davidoff
    Jeff Bullas's Blog by, well, Jeff Bullas
    Jon Buscall's Blog by Jon Buscall
    Salt & Light by Patrick Reyes
    Planning Startups by Tim Berry

    And anything on Open Forum

  2. P.S. I tried to hyperlink to each, but it spammed me so Google will have to work to find them. The names are all correct.

  3. Am honored to be in such great company!

    Let's see if I can describe my blog! Every once in a while I sit down at the computer and do a stream of consciousness for about 20 minutes! Though I have written a few posts by request or in response to a question... (I love those by the way)... I welcome comments and suggestions, always!

    blogs I read often besides those above are

    There are lots more - seems I am always reading - but those were the ones I thought of off the top of my head!

    Thanks again Mark! I'm glad that you found something in my blog that makes you want to read it :)

  4. Never one to turn down a free offer, I'll bite. :)

    My DazzlinDonna...Making A Living Online blog is what it sounds like, only without hype. I try to keep it real, because my life is very real. I'm not rich, but I do make my living online, and I hope to help someone out there transition from cubicle work to working from home like I did. I've been doing this a long time, so I have lots to share. :)

  5. Well, since you're asking, my blog is about Public Relations and Communications (mostly). Please visit and share your thoughts.


  6. Thanks for the offer, Mark. My YouGottaCall blog is "My Take" on the collision of technology, relationships and business along with a dose of opinion.

    I would love to have you contribute a guest editorial.

    - - Tim

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Tim! I will definitely check your blog out and hopefully be able to contribute.

  8. I posted earlier and forgot to add my favorite blogs (must have been a long day). Here's what I am following now:

    Brian Solis
    Bulldog Reporter
    Client Service Insights (CSI)
    Council PR Firms
    Craig Pearce
    Firm Voice
    Flack Me
    Naked PR
    O'Dwyer PR
    Paul Roberts PR Blog
    PR 2.0
    PR Blog
    PR Rock and Roll
    PR Squared
    The Bad Pitch Blog
    The Flack Back Wrap

  9. I forgot to mention this blog I love - Barry's Best Windows and Android Apps