Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want You Back

Hey you! Yeah, you. Remember when you used to read my blog? You even left a comment or two, which was awesome. Thank you.

The thing is, because I didn't post for a long while, you all left, and I understand. I would do the same if I was you. I'd like you to come back. I just wanna ask you a question or two.

What do I have to do to bring you back to my blog? Other than post, of course. What was it that brought you here back in the day? What didn't you like?

Id love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I keep coming back because I like you. I appreciate your generosity, your desire for conversation, the experience you're willing to share and the thoughts you bring to the table.

    There's nothing I can think of that I didn't like. Glad you're back!!

  2. I didn't leave - you are in my reader!! :) and I agree with Sally :)

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