Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So. About not posting in forever. Sorry about that, but I was busy with a new job with crazy hours, and taking care of my pregnant wife. It's a girl, by the way, born on August 5th. Thanks, and you're welcome for all the "aww" and "congrats" and such that are undoubtedly in your mind at the moment.

Anyhow, I got to thinkin'. Dangerous, I know...me and thinking have a volatile relationship.

I've already started to see MANY things change in the past five days, I wonder what else might change. One big thing that I'm sure will change with the addition of a child to my life is my perspective. I'm no longer 31 year old married guy only looking for things for ME, I'm gonna have to start watching baby tv and listening to music for kids and such. Its undoubtedly going to change the way I see MANY things.

I'm okay with it. Marketing and its surroundings are ever changing, and so is life. It kinda fits together, in its own way.


  1. Well here is my awww... and congratulations!! and you are so right that things will change... and they will be magnificent! You will learn so much about yourself and those around you and you will be amazed every day you get to see growth and life grow in front of your eyes! << to sappy?? :)

    (and yes - that does relate nicely to marketing too :))

  2. Thanks, Shelly. :)

    Yeah, I was mainly thinking about all the marketing changes and whatnot that I'll be dealing with, but there are PLENTY of changes in general for sure.