Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pushing Your Marketing/Advertising Comfort

Don't be afraid to push yourself. If you've been offered two campaigns, one you know is easy and another that you know will take extra effort and give a greater reward, take the extra work. It will feel much better when you are done.

Getting out of your comfort zone is of course easier said than done, nobody likes to dance on the razor's edge all the time, but a little push never hurt anyone. If all you do is take on projects you know you can do, you will never get anywhere, and probably burn out much faster than someone who is constantly pushing to take on more projects and better their abilities.

If you find yourself as a big fish in a small pond, the step you will be taking will be different if you were the small fish in the big pond. Being the small fish makes it much easier to have to fight for advancement and for projects that are out of your general reach. If you prefer to be the big fish, so be it, have fun staying where you are at. The small fish will continue to take on projects and gain more experience and more knowledge will know that once they become the big fish, that it is time to find another pond.

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